Sunday, 12 December 2010

Protest against raising tuition fee UK2010

The votes on increasing tuition fee to £9000 came through despite riots and demonstrations. We were advised to go home early to avoid transport disruption last Thursday. Well, I wasnt actually involved in the demonstration in Parliament Square on the day, but it was said to be messy and furious with buildings being damaged by graffiti, the whole area filled with burning bonfire and rubbish and broken windows.However I can feel the insensitivity of the public event as how it changed the appearance of UCL:

An altar scene outside Benjamin Room

UCL Main Quad

A closer look

The country is in huge debt and I doubt if the government had any other choice: increasing tax? lower spending? go bankrupt? all are seen as politically unpopular. The issue here is the fact that the Lib Dem shamefully broke the promise of maintain the tuition fee unchanged it made at the election, which seriously damamged the new government credibility. One may ask if anyone can place trust in their words in the future. "Its better to under-promised and over-performed rather than over-promised and under-performed".

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