Sunday, 20 May 2012

Put a smile on my face

Dear world!

I'm now a free man, my final exams are all over, which marks the end to my time at UCL. For all those years, I have been trying so hard, consistently... everyday, every minute and every second. Only I know how many things I have been through, nerves, breakdowns and sleepless nights... For the last 5 years of my life, I consistently pushed myself to the limit, to become someone completely different from what people perceived about me. Success maybe my goal but pride is my motivation. I remember going to high school back in Vietnam, being a normal average student in the class, nothing remarkable about me nor my academic achievement. No more of that, of being somewhat "invisible", average, not in the way it used to be.  I hope what I've done, especially during this whole year will be paid off, because that is the only way I can justify myself, to the world to see what I am truly capable of. More importantly, that would be the only way I can put smiles on my Mum and Dad' faces. Family is my soft spot, tears come out unconditionally when I talked about my Mum, whenever I want to give up I think about her, and how she would feel is enough to have me stand back up again. She is my endless courage, I would do anything to make her proud. 

Saying about putting a smile on her face, someone put a smile on my face today. I went out for some grocery shopping this morning, suddenly a middle-aged man approached me and said this: " Excuse me, you are so beautiful, where are you from?" After my answer, he said one of the sweetest things on earth: " You're student right? If I was younger, I would definitely ask for your number"..... he smiled " Take care!" and walked away. ,,,,,,,,,,
I was stoned, OMG, that was just so random and kind of him to say those nice words to me. It's the first time a stranger approach me in such a polite way just to tell me that I'm beautiful....... Just as simple as that, I have been happy ever since this morning. 

I guess that would be a good way to wrap up a random note about a random little thing that made me smile today. I'm thinking of writing more about food or beauty in this blog, my next post would be on Facial Masks, I've been researching about this topic recently as my skin dried out so badly that it started flaking( I think because of exam stress)  and came up a few must-have masks for my beautiful ladies. So if you are interested, watch out this space. 

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  1. Can't wait for your next post! :*

    I really enjoy reading your entry dear, so happy for you, for what you've achieved and for the person you've become. xx